Among mesenchymal stem cells: for the best therapy after ischemic stroke.Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2013, 4:9

Owing to the several advantages that they have over other cells, mesenchymal stem cells are among the most promising tools in stem cell therapy after ischemic stroke. Mesenchymal stem cells can be obtained from various sources. Therefore, a wide range of careful comparative studies of these cells is required, from the preclinical stage (in vitro and in vivo) to the clinical stage, in order to develop the best therapy with the most appropriate cell type. An in vivo study in this issue of Stem Cell Research & Therapy compares the therapeutic potential of two cell types, obtained from bone marrow and adipose tissue, in a rodent stroke model. This commentary discusses the significance of comparative studies of mesenchymal stem cells, including the related article in translational research.