Publicado nuevo número de la revista AIDS

La revista de la Sociedad Internacional de Sida publica el número 9 del volumen 25, correspondiente al 1ro de junio del 2011. Estos son los artículos que presenta:

Basic Science

Economic evaluation of monitoring virologic responses to antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected children in resource-limited settings

Schneider, Karen; Puthanakit, Thanyawee; Kerr, Stephen; Law, Matthew G; Cooper, David A; Donovan, Basil; Phanuphak, Nittaya; Sirisanthana, Virat; Ananworanich, Jintanat; Ohata, June; Wilson, David P.

CD4+ recent thymic emigrants are infected by HIV in vivo, implication for pathogenesis

Fabre-Mersseman, Véronique; Dutrieux, Jacques; Louise, Anne; Rozlan, Sandra; Lamine, Aurélia; Parker, Raphaëlle; Rancez, Magali; Nunes-Cabaço, Helena; Sousa, Ana E; Lambotte, Olivier; Cheynier, Rémi.

Circulating inflammatory biomarkers can predict and characterize tuberculosis-associated immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome

Haddow, Lewis J; Dibben, Oliver; Moosa, Mohamed-Yunus S; Borrow, Persephone; Easterbrook, Philippa J.

Concise Communication

Elvitegravir overcomes resistance to raltegravir induced by integrase mutation Y143

Métifiot, Mathieu; Vandegraaff, Nick; Maddali, Kasthuraiah; Naumova, Alena; Zhang, Xuemin; Rhodes, David; Marchand, Christophe; Pommier, Yves.

Clinical Science

Twice-weekly pegylated interferon-α-2a and ribavirin results in superior viral kinetics in HIV/hepatitis C virus co-infected patients compared to standard therapy

Murphy, Alison A; Herrmann, Eva; Osinusi, Anu O; Wu, Lynn; Sachau, William; Lempicki, Richard A; Yang, Jun; Chung, Tei L; Wood, Brad J; Haagmans, Bart L; Kottilil, Shyam; Polis, Michael A.

Sex differences in antiretroviral treatment outcomes among HIV-infected adults in an urban Tanzanian setting

Hawkins, Claudia; Chalamilla, Guerino; Okuma, James; Spiegelman, Donna; Hertzmark, Ellen; Aris, Eric; Ewald, Tarcila; Mugusi, Ferdinand; Mtasiwa, Deo; Fawzi, Wafaie.

Epicardial adipose tissue is an independent marker of cardiovascular risk in HIV-infected patients

Guaraldi, Giovanni; Scaglioni, Riccardo; Zona, Stefano; Orlando, Gabriella; Carli, Federica; Ligabue, Guido; Besutti, Giulia; Bagni, Pietro; Rossi, Rosario; Modena, Maria G; Raggi, Paolo.

Resumption of HIV replication is associated with monocyte/macrophage derived cytokine and chemokine changes: results from a large international clinical trial

Cozzi-Lepri, Alessandro; French, Martyn A; Baxter, John; Okhuysen, Pablo; Plana, Montserrat; Neuhaus, Jacqueline; Landay, Alan; for the INSIGHT SMART study group.

Most adults seek urgent healthcare when acquiring HIV-1 and are frequently treated for malaria in coastal Kenya

Sanders, Eduard J; Wahome, Elizabeth; Mwangome, Mary; Thiong’o, Alexander N; Okuku, Haile S; Price, Matthew A; Wamuyu, Lorraine; Macharia, Michael; McClelland, R Scott; Graham, Susan M.

Editorial Comments

Are men the losers of the antiretroviral treatment scale-up?

Johannessen, Asgeir.

Editorial commentary on ‘High frequency of poor locomotor performance in HIV-infected patients’

Dorfman, David.

Research Letters

Seroincidence of 2009 H1N1 infection in HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected women prior to vaccine availability

Althoff, Keri N; Eichelberger, Maryna; Gange, Stephen J; Sharp, Gerald B; Gao, Jin; Glesby, Marshall J; Young, Mary; Greenblatt, Ruth M; French, Audrey L; Villacres, Maria C; Minkoff, Howard

Synergistic inhibition of R5 HIV-1 by maraviroc and CCR5 antibody HGS004 in primary cells: implications for treatment and prevention

Latinovic, Olga; Le, Nhut; Reitz, Marvin; Pal, Ranajit; DeVico, Anthony; Foulke, James S; Redfield, Robert R; Heredia, Alonso

Thymic tissue is not evident on high-resolution computed tomography and [18F]Fluoro-deoxy-glucose positron emission tomography scans of aviraemic HIV patients with poor recovery of CD4+ T cells

Tanaskovic, Sara; Fernandez, Sonia; French, Martyn A; Price, Roger I; Song, Swithin; Robins, Peter D; Price, Patricia

Vitamin D deficiency is less common among HIV-infected African–American men than in a matched cohort

Ormesher, Brenda; Dhaliwal, Sandeep; Nylen, Eric; Gibert, Cynthia; Go, Christina; Amdur, Richard; Benator, Debra


Bevacizumab reverts serous retinal detachment caused by tuberculosis-associated immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome

Ruiz-Cruz, Matilde; Espinosa, Enrique; Romero, Karla; Reyes-Terán, Gustavo

Maraviroc intensification for suboptimal CD4+ T cell response in a perinatally HIV-infected adolescent

Espiau, María; Soler-Palacín, Pere; Paredes, Roger; Martín-Nalda, Andrea; Bargalló, Eva; Figueras, Concepció

HIV in prison in low income countries

Angora, Bléhoué; Assemien, Jeanne d’Arc; Laurent, Arnaud; Febro, Vincent; Coulibaly-Offia, Madiarra; Masumbuko, Jean-Marie; Kakou, Rigobert A; Traore, Virginie E; Eholie, Serge; Brucker, Gilles; Lacoste, Denis; Raguin, Gilles

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